TFA Received

After some delays, the CMBA received the TFA for the Skills Park over the weekend. What’s a TFA? It is a Temporary Field Authorization. While we were formally approved before, that was more of an I.O.U., whereas the TFA is the $20 your buddy promised you, in cash or beer equivalent.   #badanalogies #onestepcloser Read more →

Fish Creek Skills Park Site Plan


To say that the CMBA is pleased to have the design for the Fish Creek Mountain Bike Skills Park approved is a gross understatement. We are stoked. Quite stoked. Further, we have written confirmation from Alberta Parks that says we can begin work on the Skills Park after ATCO is off the site [they are currently building a pipeline along Bow… Read more →

Bulldozed - Fish Creek Skills Park - CMBA

Bulldozed! Updated!

UPDATE: It has been determined that ATCO, as part of their work on a pipeline beside Bow Bottom Trail, smoothed out the piles of clay fill on the Skills Park site. This is okay, as they have started placing loads of high-quality fill on the site. The new fill is actually better than the old fill, so… We didn’t hear about… Read more →

Waiting on Design Approval

We have received many questions about the progress of the Fish Creek Mountain Bike Skills Park, and we have not done a good job in keeping you informed. Here is what is happening: The design for the skills park is currently under review by Risk Management, a division of the Government of Alberta’s Treasury Board and Finance Ministry that assesses the provincial government’s… Read more →

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